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15 November 2013
The Peter Hain Report

Peter Hain - A Parliamentary evaluation of the MP for Neath

It is considered that Peter Hain MP believes in democracy as being a part of British life and that all MP's should be open and above board and be accountable to those they serve.   It is with this in mind that this report is presented in good faith

Mr Hain has been given the opportunity to respond to the heating charges to his second home but there has been no response - not even on his website.

It is because of this non-response we present this report, as stated, in good faith.   It is done so that readers can evaluate the facts for themselves.   If there is anything incorrect in the report we will advise readers as soon as we are made aware of it.

In view of the recent reports on our MP Peter Hain we looked closely at the situation and found that he rents his office from the Neath Constituency Labour Party.

Peter Hain recently made the headlines over his expenses, once again, by claiming nearly £5000 for heating his second home at Aberdulais when his first home is recorded as being shares in a flat in London.

Because the report is so long and detailed we have put it on its own page.   Please see menu - The Hain Report.

NOTE .... It has been confirmed that all the information provided is in the public domain.

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