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17 November 2013
Dog bite - now a hospital case

Dog Bite Councillor - Latest News

As the result of a dog biting a finger off Cllr Janice Dudley when putting a community leaflet through a letter box, it can be revealed that she has spent three days in Morristion hospital.   The case is now more serious than it first appeared. 

When the police questioned the German Shepherd dog's owner and asked was the dog taken for walks, the reply was: 'yes - but with a muzzle on."

The dog's bed is alleged to be under the letter box and the owner says he intends to move it and instal an exterior letter box.

The police claim that this is civil matter and there is doubt if any police action will be taken. 

What are readers views on this?

The matter is on-going.

Should dog owners be made to have third party insurance liability for their dogs?

Dog owners are advised to check their home insurance policies to see if they are covered by third party liability for their dog.   Even if an incident occurs on the 'home ground' of the dog there is still an issue about having insurance cover.

If a visitor is acting in a reasonable manner on property owned by a dog owner there can still be a case of a possible case for claim against the dog owner if his/her dog causes injury to the visitor.   

Insurance protection is the only way to give the dog owner piece of mind for any incident where damage or injury is caused by a dog to a person or property.

With so many legal firms operating a 'no win-no fee' offer for accidents. it leaves the door wide open for a dog owner to have a claim made against him/her for the actions of their dog.

Apart from damages, there is also the legal costs to be considered.    Compulsory dog insurance is certainly something that this government should consider.   Perhaps it could be included in an annual dog licence we mentioned earlier.

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