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03 November 2013
Some people act like pigs

Comment from the Neath Ferret

Some people act like pigs

While others are too tolerant to complain

Some just call it unsocial behaviour - including our police who appear to be very thin on the ground.   In years gone by a certain newspaper (now no longer published) used to name and shame and it was very effective.   Perhaps we should revert to this?

This unsocial behaviour is giving Neath (and other towns) a very bad name.  Many people think it should be stopped before it becomes the norm.   Action is required now by the powers that be.

The weekends are worse when the streets in certain areas are used as toilets with vomit on pavements as a result of excessive drinking.   The answer maybe zero tollerance with the offenders locked up for the night.     A&E hosptial departments dread the weekend with the staff being abused and insulted.  

How about keeping the offenders mobile phone in safe custody for one week - then a charge to get it back?    There are ways and means to deal with these situations and all must be considered to improve our communities.

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