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13 October 2013
Rumour and speculation

Rumour and speculation around the area

Comment by the editorial team

For quite some time we have been asked to deal with rumours and speculation relating to the town of Neath, the council and those in other groups that have ideas or plans for the future.

We have been reluctant to do this on the basis that spreading false rumours is not a good thing.

The counter arguement is that these rumours should be investigated and put to rest by those who have the means and power to do so.   So we want the views of our readers on what we should we do.

Above all, we want to adopt a sensible and moderate approach to what we hear - often issues that readers are reluctant to write about on our readers' letters page - but chat about in whispered tones.

We are all for fresh air and an open society - less get rid of false rumours before they get magnified out of proportion.

Let's give you an example of one such rumour and that is the Central Club in Neath has been acquired by a group who want to turn it into a Mosque.   This has been already done in Swansea and is pictured right.

It's rumours like these that we want cleared up.   Often the answers will be difficult to come by and will often be suppressed - therefore we must rely on good sources for the answers.

We ask again - should we deal with such rumours, or leave them ferment in people minds?

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