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09 October 2013
Visitor to Neath shocked

Oh what a mess!  Does anyone care?

Photo taken at 4:00pm on 9th October 2013 near Neath Railway Station

The visitor who sent us this photo writes:

"I suppose I should be thankful that the drunks were not still there - only their litter - outside Dwr Y Felyn School and NPT College on Dwr y Felin Road there are huge posters on the lamposts to do with the campaign to get chewing gum binned - all different colour posters - warning save yourself from a fine of £80 and bin it your way. Why aren't those posters outside the railway station and on Windsor Road with the people to issue the litter charges to those doing this?"

Editorial Note  It is a fact that it costs more to remove a piece of used chewing gum from the floor than the original cost of the gum.   Other side effects of chewing gum is it sticking to your shoes and taking home with you.   On top of this is the health factor - it is as bad (if not worse). as spitting on the road, something that is rarely mentioned.    In fact, it makes you think about the spread of measles and other nasty illnesses.

Talking of measles, the Neath Ferret doctor has asked us to post the following information on this website:

What are the symptoms of measles?

  • After about 14 days the following symptoms start showing:
  • a fever at about 39ºC.
  • a cold.
  • coughing, possibly with a barking cough.
  • sore throat – the lymph nodes in the throat may swell.
  • reddish eyes (conjunctivitis).
  • sensitivity to light.
  • greyish spots, the size of grains of sand may appear in the mucous membrane of the mouth just around the molar teeth. These are called Koplik's spots and can be seen before the rash appears.
  • after three to four days the temperature may fall, although it can run high again when the rash appears.
  • the rash usually begins around the ears and spreads to the body and the legs within a day or two.
  • at first the spots are very small – a couple of millimetres – but they double in size quickly and begin to join together.
  • the spots are a clear red colour.
  • the temperature, which may run as high as 40ºC, may stay that high for a couple of days. Then it disappears together with the rash, which may leave some brown spots.
  • after a week the child will be fit again.
  • Children who have had measles cannot return to school or childcare before they recover and the temperature is gone.
  • The doctor should give children under the age of one who are exposed to the disease an immunity injection within five days.
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