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19 September 2013
Sign of the times?

Lack of attention to detail by council is noted by reader

Typical sign of the times?


BEFORE                               AFTER

Mike Davies writes (Readers' Letters):-

Empire Neath - what a difference a year makes! (Report in Neath Guardian website).
What I can not understand is why are the same old signs up in the same old place?  I for one wouldn't like to sit in my lounge facing a one way system and a no entry sign.  The one way sign is bent, a local told me "A lorry hit it" -  so why was that not replaced?

The signs should have been moved to the corner of the junction and the 2 signs on a single post, not restricting the view of the house holder.   Where was planning in all this when the work was ongoing, builders & planners should work together as it looks a real eyesore!

With the aid of my computer I have illustrated (right) what it could look like - and at little cost!
The arrow sign points to the direction of Windsor Road - indicating that the Rope Walk is a one-way street.

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