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18 September 2013
Neath slammed in Facebook

Facebook tells on Neath

Report by APR

If you think that this website knocks Neath then you should look at what is said in Facebook.

The fact is this website is mild in comparison.   No sensible Neath resident wants the town to be a laughing stock - but that is the way it seems to be going with Facebook.

Two NPT councillors were once full of praise for Facebook, they said so on this website.  Do they now think the same way?   We doubt it.

Crime in New York was dealt with with a 'no-tolerance' policy.   Maybe that is required here, The BBC report that over 50% of crime is fuelled by alcohol - that should be looked at too.

Everyone respects authority - we remember that from our school says, so let's bring it back now before things get worse.

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