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06 September 2013
A video for discussion

Should we show this video in the same way as we show others?

+ Additional reports added


Note...  This video (screen clip above - not active) contains no bad or foul language and has been on YouTube for over a year.

Someone sent us the link below and dared us to show (embed) the video on this website.     The video was found on YouTube and was uploaded in May 2012 - so it is not new.  We ask our readers what should we do:  1).  Be open minded and show the video, or 2). Not show it and say nothing about it because some people have no sense humour?

We must remember that some infant schools must no longer sing: 'Ba Ba Black Sheep' and that a black board must now be called a chalk board.   Therefore should we supress this video because it could be accused of being racist?   On the other hand, is there anything that is not true with what is said?    Have we still got a sense of humour?

Maybe the aim of the lyrics is to compliment and pay tribute to the generosity of the British and the help they give those who come to this country?    We want your views on should the video be shown on this website?  


IF the above link does not work, may we suggest that you copy and paste it into Google - or any other search site.   Perhaps Big Brother is stopping our link working!

For legal reasons we cannot allow any racist comments on the content of the video (you will note that this also applies to the YouTube video feedback) - all we want to know is if we should be allowed to show the video in the usual way?    Oh yes, we would like to know if this country still has a sense humour and the ability to laugh at others as well as ourselves.

A flash back in time....

The last time we showed a controversial video we upset the BNP.  To recap this is what they said, first quoting from our website comments:-

 + Peter Hain v BNP in Neath town centre

"We do not agree that our MP should have been subjected to the ridicule portrayed in the video clip below.

It seems that its the BNP's answer to his protest against them. There are limits to what we think is acceptable and question what is done in this case.

Does it reflect badly on Peter Hain - or does it show up the BNP in a bad light? Should politics stoop to this level? It is up to you to decide. Remember we want balanced views on this website and you can have you say on our readers page.
What a bloody hoot. A rag that tries to portray itself as existing to expose injustice and right wrongs objecting to Peter Hain being questioned about where £103,000 of money, most of it from hard working union members subscriptions went.

Neath Ferret my ass. If they had any courage they would have been asking the question themselves. Anyhow check the site out and it will soon be revealed that the Neath Ferret is nothing but a kiss ass site and safety valve supporting the establishment.

They have a comments page so leave them a note, although despite their claims to be open, they do edit them to suit."

Our comments:   What a load of rubbish!   Totally wrong in all aspects - and that is why we are not afraid to publish the above extract in full.  The video currently under discussion will probably make the BNP think quite differently.  So should we show it to balance matters and to prove the point?  

The answer is that we are wise enough to ask our readers - because this website is totally for their benefit.


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