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28 August 2013
Plaid Cymru slammed

Plaid Cymru slammed for being ineffective

Angry readers speak their minds

A summary of readers letters

Several readers say that Labour has no effective opposition in Neath.   Plaid Cymru members are ineffective and nothing is heard from them on this website - not that this website wants a poltical party slanging match.   If it came to that we could very well get the blue pencil out.

What readers are trying to say is that there is no positive feedback from Plaid Cymru in any shape or form,   A good opposition makes good governement - and that is what we have not got here in Neath.

What do we expect?  Well for starters, we would expect some support from the opposition with regard to what readers are saying about the smells and the state of the filthy pavements in Neath.   What we hear is nothing!

Silence from Plaid Cymru gives the impression that they are endorsing what is happening - or is it that they are afraid to say anything?    Perhaps they don't want to rock the boat?

The seats currently held by Plaid Cymru are certainly not safe when it comes to the next election - because some of their members have not answered questions that have been put to them.

Finally there is the reader who say we have too many councillors and too many layers of government.   Perhaps with this financial climate it could be a good time to sort things out - pressure from the right quarters could make a difference - or will it?

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