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17 August 2013
Reader slams Facebook

Is Facebook a form of Big Brother?

The undercurrent of doubt about Facebook is increasing - if our Readers' Letters page is anything to go by.   The words 'Greed before Need' come to mind with the alleged charges that are going to be made for some users.

The 'Big Brother' comment relates to some sections of the media who want readers to access their columns via Facebook.   As Landra Whitehouse, the Neath Guardian website columnist said: "Who wants identity cards when you got Facebook?"   

Many share the view that Facebook is now too big and on the border of being out of control.   What was once a  means of meeting old friends, and school friends in particular, is now becoming a money spinner for those who run it.   Maybe the people who are using it are spoiling it - while others, like the readers of this website, are getting wiser?

Let's have your comments to follow the new thread on our letters page.

Question:   Why are there so many adverse reports about Facebook? Like the one below:-

Perhaps we can also have reader's comments on this?

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