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09 August 2013
Reader looks ahead to next council election

Reader looks ahead to next council election

An outspoken reader (Readers' Letters) has written to tell us of his determination to use our archives when it comes to the next council election.   The reader claims that certain councillors are ignoring issues put them on this website and that their lack of response should be highlighted at a time that really matters to them and their future.   The reader's views are supported by other residents who have personally written to councillors and have allegedly been ignored.

It would appear that readers who write to this website are those who will not let matters drop and their determination to have issues made known to the public at large is becoming ever more evident.

Rather than make a statement to clarify a situation that affects the community as a whole, the impression is given that councillors hope an issue will go away - or will be forgotten.

It should be remembered that it is the readers views that count as far as this website is concerned - so there should be no thoughts about shooting the messenger.   All we wish to say is that this website supports an open and fair society where freedom of expression matters most.

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