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28 July 2013
August holidays - how did they start?

August Holidays - how did they originate?

Report by John Phillip

One theory why August is a holiday month goes back to the times when there were open sewers in the streets and horses droppings and their urine covered the roads.    The towns and cities stank so much that those who had the means to do so left to where the air was fresher - usually seaside areas.

Now, with the sewage smells in certain parts of Neath, this theory is easy to believe.   It is only natural for people to avoid foul smells - and that is why the problem in Neath must be looked at.     We know the hot weather is to blame - but it is likely to return in the future with this so called global warming.    Our drains and sewers should get priority with the town's delevelopment.    This hot weather has been a warning, drawing our attention to a problem that will simply not go away on its own.    If we ignore it we do so at our peril.

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