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23 July 2013
Sewage in river Neath

A Question of Sewage ?

We want to make the residents of Neath more aware of what happens to their toilet flushes and their waste water.  It is not a pleasant subject but it highlights the authorities who deal with it.   We think that there is more than one sewage outfall into the River Neath - we are not sure where - yet.

With this hot weather, and more to come in future years, we think serious attention should be given to the matter.   We pay our council tax and our water rates (which includes sewage disposal) so we have a right to know how our waste is dealt with - even if only from a health point of view.

The sewage smells near Burger King, a food outlet, is certainly one of concern - maybe this is just the start of the saga?  


Look closely at the circled area and you will see a pattern on the surface of the water.   The likely explanation is that it is sewage.   One of the town's sewage outfalls is near this point.   The sewage is normally discharged at high tide so that the effluent is carried out to sea as the tide turns.

It really means that the River Neath is an open sewer and a health hazard in hot weather.

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