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20 July 2013
Positive reporting

Reader sends in a positive report

J C Lewis writes...

“Lack of road markings on Pen-y-wern” etc.  Well here it would appear once more Neath Ferret has proved it’s value to the people of Neath, only one week after reporting the problems the highways department have been out correcting the fault, good on the Neath Ferret.

This does make one think where have the council been over the past months, surely one of them must of noticed the lack of markings on their daily drive through the area and reported it to the relevant department,

Also is it a coincident that a letter I posted to the Evening Post on 14th June was not published and yet within a week of it published on Neath Ferret it appears in the Evening Post on 20th July, to me it shows how so very important the Neath Ferret web site is, keep up the good work.

Editorial Note  The editorial team thinks that credit must go to all who have been  concerned in this matter, the councillors of the area and particularly the Highways Department.  We can now reveal that it was road rage on the spot with a motorist that brought this to our attention - it was certainly a major road hazard.
Prompt action can save lives - so again, well done!

As far as the Evening Post is concerned, it is good to know they take notice of what readers say.   The will get more respect (and readers) with a fair open editorial policy.

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