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15 July 2013
Who is watching us?

More UFO sightings over Neath

Daniel Foreman writes

"I am a 33 year-year-old amateur stargazer.  At 23:43 pm I spotted 9 lights moving across the Neath airspace. They were too bright and consistent to be plane lights. They flew in formation across the skies at high speed, without making any sound at all.  I recorded the event on my iPad mini."

Daniel placed his findings on YouTube with the following comments:
Published on Jul 14, 2013
"I was stargazing on Saturday around 11:30 PM when 9 very bright sunset-orange lights appeared in the sky. They had no blinking navigation lights, and made no sound. They eerily pass over the night sky in a steady line formation. Once appearing after the next. I am at a loss as to what they are, so hopefully the YouTube community can help demystify these UFO's."

A video of this will appear in next week's Neath Guardian website.

Editorial comment.  Just wondering if visitors from outerspace were attracted by the Swansea Air Show?   Seriously, we would like to know if anyone else saw any objects in the sky around this time.    It is on record that Mike Davies recorded some unusual night sky activity when he moved into his new house at Cadoxton some years ago.    Mike's video will also be shown in next week's Neath Guardian website. 

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