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12 July 2013
Grass to pay for education?

The other county's grass is always............

........ shorter!

This report is based on several readers letters sent to us - all on the same theme.

The evidence is there for all to see.    Travel to Swansea along Fabian Way and look at the grass verges.   In places the grass covers the central barrier.   In fact, cross the border to any other county and you will see the difference in the verges and grass cutting maintenance.   How can we be proud of our county when this is allowed to happen? 

Visitors come into our area and think we are living in a dump.

Are NPTCB Council out to beat last year's record?    Are our councillors and council officials proud of what is there for others to see?

Sooner or later someone is sure to put a video on YOUTUBE showing up our council.  It will not be us, but if one should appear we will put it on this website to show everyone is laughing at us.    Yes, we hate to say it, but NPT CBC is becoming a laughing stock - one of their own making.    And just think, our councillors are allowing it to happen!

J C Lewis writes on recycling waste......

“Recycling fines may be passed by council onto residents” Evening Post 5th July here we go again when once again NPT Council has failed miserably to control recycling and who do they blame for their failure? The residents of the area?

When are people such as Mike Roberts Head of street care and all councils and governments for that matter......."    con'td - see bottom of MENU. 

What some councillors are likely to say...

"It is a case of priority, we are putting children and education first - that is having attention before all else."

Next week the Neath Ferret editorial will search YOUTUBE and try to balance the situation.   We want you, the reader, to be aware of what is happening in YOUR county.   What will we find?    You must wait and see.    In the meantime your comments are welcome.

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