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08 July 2013
Beyond Facebook

Here's something that Facebook CAN'T do

Credit must be given to the Neath Guardian website editorial team who have come out with a brilliant idea for our councillors - the councillors of NPT CBC.    What is more, it could save our council (and council tax payers) thousands of pounds.

Basically the Neath Guardian website is offering councillors a FREE individual website that gives them freedom from council constraints.    A facility where you can enter your councillors name on a Google search and it immediately brings up your councillors website with a personal contact facility, as highlighted below - something that Facebook cannot do.

Already three councillors have their own independent websites:  Janice Dudley, Andrew Jenkins and Rob James.   Three foward thinking councillors with facilities for residents to contact them.

Here is the contact page, which is the outstanding feature of the website:

The brilliantly designed website needs NO maintenance or specialised knowledge - the information on the contact form would simply go to the inbox of the relevant councillor.

The Neath Guardian team said that the website would be provided free on the understanding that a donation would be made to the Heritage Scene-Neath whose aim is to help the council to provide a heritage centre for the town.

Full details are on the Neath Guardian website for week commencing 8th July 2013:  www.neathguardian.co.uk

To have a detailed look at the proposed websites, click on the following link:

Click for Map
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