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02 July 2013
Pros and cons of Facebook

Facebook - Let's face it

Yet another reader comments on Facebook (Reader Letters) adding his view to those of Landra Whitehouse, the Neath Guardian website columnist.    Landra asks is Facebook the ID of the future where you have to record your personal details before you can log-on as an user,   Then there is the issue of the settings - how private are they in view of what has been said in the press?

The question arises - is Facebook a closed shop?   That is, only available to those who sign in?   To find out more we looked for the Pros and Cons on the Internet.   Here is a website with some information:

Looking at it another way, what do you think of a situation where you can only contact your councillor on Facebook as far as the Internet is concerned?  It seems to us that access is also being restricted to newspaper readers' letter pages and other forms of media expression.

Many praise Facebook for its means of communication, whilst others look upon it not as Facebook but as a closed shop faceless book.     Read the pros and cons then give it some thought!

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