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25 May 2013
Your I D

Are Facebook and Twitter our new ‘ID Cards’?

In her column in next week's Neath Guardian website, Landra Whitehouse speaks out about our ID.   What she says is food for thought and reflects on situations where you must have a Facebook or Twitter connection, account, call it what you will, before you are accepted as a person in several 'organisations'.    It this the start of what is yet to come?

To join Facebook, Twitter, and certain other networking web-sites, you must give details of your self - hence your indentity is on record.

Apart from this, emails and mobile phone calls are said to be vetted by the security services.   As one computer expert told us - if you mention the word 'bomb' a few times in an email, you are likely to get a knock on your door the following morning.

Read Landra's column and see what she has to say about your ID.

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