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22 May 2013
Can you help the community?

New venture for Neath Heritage Scene that helps the community

A new community links website has been produced which is designed to help the community. It contains links from Age Concern to the Samaritans.    Links you may require in your hour of need.  

The new website will appear in the menu of many other websites to ensure maximum coverage for residents.


Currently the hosting of the website is paid for by Google advertisements.  We want to replace these adverts with those of our sponsors.   Why include adverts for businesses outside  our area when we can benefit local sponsors?

However, this costs money and this is where the sponsorship comes in.   On a not for profit basis, the donations to the website will pay for the hosting, while any surplus will go in the Heritage Scene-Neath fund to benefit local heritage.  Details of the Heritage Scene website is given below.


Anyone who would like sponsor this venture should CONTACT US (see menu) and we will then forward our bank details to enable a donation to be made.

By doing this you will be helping the community in an independent manner and you will see the results in very positive way.

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