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11 May 2013
Morally wrong

This is morally wrong

By our Whistle Blower reporter

A new car warranty is important to all new car owners.  Some makes have a seven year warranty and most have a three year warranty.

Someone working for an european car dealership has told us that, in a what appears to be a cost saving plan, when a car comes in for service they are NOT to tell any customer, covered by a warranty, of any fault and NOT to recify it until the customer complains about it.   The startling thing is that this directive has come from the european manufacture - and it also applies to paid extended warranties, which may be offered to customers.

When the Whistle Blower was asked if the fault was a safety issue, the reply was in that case the fault would be attended to.

For legal reasons we cannot give further details - but new car buyers (and those having extended warranties) should be aware of this irresponsible attitude by a certain car dealership.   We are not aware if this attitude applies to more than one make of car.    We suggest that car owners should ask the service advisor if any faults were found after a warranty service has been carried out.  Putting the advisor on the spot MAY eventually lead to a change of policy.    Another way of testing the dealer is that if you know of a fault, don't mention it when booking it in for service and and see if it is found and rectified during your visit - or is mentioned to you when you pick your keys.

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