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08 May 2013
Neath Pride

Will someone take notice of this?

Terry Griffiths writes:

"I sent a letter to The Neath Ferret in July last year reporting a dead tree in Angel Square which had been dead for about two years without any officer or councillor reporting it for replacement.
Well, it is still there and it is still dead."

Ed NOTE ... Can the councillor covering this area - or a spokesman for the council please comment on this?   We feel sure our readers would like to know why nothing has been done about it.
We understand that Mr Griffiths had personally reported this matter to the authorities before writing to this website.

A reader has written in and has mentioned the old oak in Carmarthen town - here is an extract from Wikipedia:

Merlin's prophecy

In local tradition, Carmarthen is said to be the birthplace of the mythical magician Merlin, claiming that the origin of the name Carmarthen, or Caerfyrddin comes from Myrddin, the Welsh name for Merlin. Merlin is said to have made a prophecy regarding the old oak tree:

When Merlin's Oak shall tumble down,
Then shall fall Carmarthen Town.

Other versions of the prophecy state that when the tree falls, the town will drown or flood.

Site of Merlin's Oak is pictured right – a replacement tree grows in a planter

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