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04 May 2013
Council - a whistle blower

Blowing a council whistle

Shocking report from a councillor

Our frank report highlights what goes on behind the scenes at  councils - it will be up to NPT councillors to say what does and what does not apply to them.    To tar all councils with the same brush is wrong and we are certainly not attempting to do this - but our councillors know what is happening on our council.

Remember that this report appeared in a national newspaper and we are simply drawing attention to it.    Will any of our councillors respond and have their say?   We must wait and see.

Perhaps this report may result in one of our councillors blowing a whistle - if not now perhaps in four years time! 

Look for Councillor Whistle Blower in menu.

Ed NOTE   It is only fair to report that Cllr Peter Rees, Deputy Leader of NPT CBC.,  has responded to this item - his statement appears on our Reader Letters page.
In an effort to produce balanced reporting, we have also included the statement on the page on which the item appears.

Any other follow up on this item will appear on our READERS LETTER page. 

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