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06 May 2013
Vision for Neath

Neath's Future is in the balance


This week we revive a website made last year.   It was made so that the residents of Neath, and business people, could have a say in the future of the town they live and work in.   It presents an oppourtunity to make suggestions to the planners.   Ideas can trigger thoughts which result in positive planning.

The Heritage Scene-Neath team firmly believe that a heritage centre would draw people into the town centre.   If presented the right way, it could act like a magnet and attract visitors from all over the UK - and even from over-seas.   The council has art treasure locked away - works of art never seen by residents.

Neath's rich heritage going back to Roman and Noman times must be used to benefit the town - it will make Neath different to all other towns with carbon copy shopping centres.

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