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17 April 2013
Chewing Gum Bins Make Money

Chewing Gum Bins can make money for council

It's a proven fact - chewing gum bins can make money for the council.   Selecting the right kind of bin and putting an advertisement on it can be a source of revenue for the council.   In addition to this, it is keeping chewing gum off the streets, making a further saving for the council in cleaning costs.

As stated by a leading Neath councillor, chewing gum on the streets is a national problem, but now there are means and ways of tackling the issue.   The fact that  the council can make money from the project is certainly a big incentive.

Searching the Internet has revealed that there are several companies making bins especially for chewing gum.   It may be possible for a private firm to instal the bins and make a deal with the council to share the advertising proceeds.

Having taxi firms and other businesses to sponsor bins is yet another way of going about it.

It is a fact the some councils are making special efforts to tackle the chewing gum problem and are making money as a result.   Let's hope that councillors in Neath will follow their example.

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