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16 April 2013
Design a FAG BIN

Design a FAG BIN to put fag ends in

Sometimes results come from lateral thinkng, when thought is given to something that is totally different to the norm.   For an extreme example, a talking litter bin.   Well, don't tell us to stop talking rubbish - see the picture below.  

What would be more down to earth, perhaps, is a litter bin with a glamorous girl on the front of it - something that attracts your attention.  You are sure to know what we mean!

Shown above is a litter bin with words that stand out and hit you in the eye - something you cannot miss.    It is a fact that this bin proved to be very effective and there were no fag ends on the street where it was installed - not in Neath, we must add.

Shown left is an actual talking litter bin - so it shows what can make a difference.

Something must be done, and it is up to our leaders, the 64 councillors in NPT, to get some action going.    Remember, rightly or wrongly, it is the councillors who are blamed for the state of the town.

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