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02 April 2013
Death trap speed warning

Death trap warning at Llygad-y-haul

Pictured above is the take off point for a speed run along Llygad-y-haul at Caewern.  Drivers use the road to avoid the roundabout at the bottom of Pen-y-wern Road.   It is only a question of time before a fatal accident happens.   Residents demand that illuminated speed signs be installed as soon as possible.
Councillors for this area (pictured right) are requested to give this problem their immediate attention.

It will be interesting to see which councillor will take the most interest in this matter and get the required results.  Will it be Cllr Janice Dudley (Plaid Cymru) or Cllr Rob James (Labour) who was newly elected last year and is out to prove he is  a man who gets things done?   We will report developments on this serious situation to keep readers informed.

Ed Note  ... There was a serious incident on this road this week which we cannot report because of the action being taken by the police against the driver concerned.

Cllr Janice Dudley will be holding her monthly surgery at the Owain Glyndwr Waunceirch Community Centre on Saturday 6th April 2013 from 10:00 to 11:30am.

LATE EXTRA .... Cllr Janice Dudley promptly responds:

"In reply to the speeding issues at Llygad yr Haul, I can assure you I am in liaison with the Police and the Council traffic department, when I am able to give you information on the matter I will keep you and your readers informed."

Councillor Janice Dudley 3.4.13

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