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02 April 2013
The Mary Whitehouse connection

Breaking News

Leading journalist joins Neath Guardian website

We can exclusively report that Landra Whitehouse will be joining the Neath Guardian website editorial team next week (8th April).   Landra has similar principles to the late Mary Whitehouse (pictured below) with whom she will not confirm or deny any family connection.  

Landra believes it is about time that someone spoke out about the tide of filth that exists on the Internet and believes that it should be filtered from young children - especially in view of the fact that many mobile phones have Internet access.

In her series of articles in the Neath Guardian website Landra will look at the plus and minus sides of the internet. One aspect being the effects of the internet and also pornography on adults and how it can become a serious addiction.

Landra believes that it is time that society looked at the internet in depth and spoke out about all aspects of it - the good -  the bad and the just plain ugly.

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