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28 February 2013
Shocking report from Neath visitor

Calling all councillors

..... report by a visitor to Neath

I was in Neath yesterday and was appalled by the new paving outside the station towards the Natwest bank - once again it looks like there is a problem with this paving as someone had - by the look of it, been sick over the slabs - with the result there is a huge black stain across them. It looks like a giant inkspot. This made me look at the floor which to put it mildly is stinking. It looks like those slabs show the dirt. Outside the station the paving was covered in cigarette butts at 9.30 in the morning and I was told that the homeless people use the shelter of the front of the station during the nights - it really looked like it as the whole area was littered and looked seedy and dirty. Have they got any street cleaners now?

The other matter I was told about is that the security vans that deliver and pick up money from Barclays Bank can no longer pull up off the road to do their business in the bank so must stop in the middle of the road and hold up all the traffic until they have finished. As was pointed out to me, any emergency and Neath is blocked all the way down Windsor Road because of this.

Name and address supplied

Ed Note..... We welcome readers photographs to support the above report - the powers that be MUST be made aware of what visitors see.

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