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27 February 2013
How much?

Councillor defends his pay (allowances actually)

A reader says that councillors allowance/ wage/salary is based on a three day week then their wage is approximately £11.50 per hour based on a 48 week working year. Nearly double the minimum wage and transpost costs paid, when young people cannot afford to travel to jobs because of the cost of running a car and the petrol. There is no suitable public transport as all subsidies have been cut to transport companies.

Councillor Andrew Jenkins says that his council work is certainly not confined to working a three day week and adds that travelling imposes a big strain on his pocket, stating that he makes no claim for travelling.   Andrew's new website highlights what he does - indicating that councillor websites can bring a new awareness to what councillors actually do.

This clarity is not always evident as it is rumoured that another Neath councillor is spending an excessive amount of time with an AM in Cardiff - being groomed for a seat at the Welsh Assembly - maybe?

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