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24 February 2013
A challenge from a Neath Business Man

Neath Business Man tests reaction of NPT CBC via Neath Councillor who is keen on re-cycling waste

The business man, of whom we are aware, writes as follows:

To Councillor Andrew Jenkins. "We are aware of your passion regarding recycling and wonder if you and your fellow Members can be counted upon for support of a possible proposal?

I am in regular contact with a person who heads a recycling/screeing/crushing operation in England and interest has been expressed in a similar operation in South Wales.
In view of your passion, would you be in support of such a proposal for Neath if a suitable site is found.
The "suitable" being for the operator and not the planners.
Maybe you could even suggest suitable sites, as in addition to benefitting the recycling cause, it could result in the creation of 100+ jobs for the town."

The follow up to this can be seen on on Reader's Letters page.  The Neath Ferret believes that this will be a real test for the council who already own, on a share basis, their own recycling plant.   As another reader suggests:  competition can be a good thing - but will the council think that way?   This matter may develop into a very big issue!

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