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22 February 2013
Keep porn away from childen

Keep porn to the top shelf

and away from children

One of our editorial team has written a strong article about the dangers of the Internet and says that porn should not be so accessible.   In effect, keep it on the top shelf out ot the reach of children.  There is a strong feeling that the word 'sex' should be used in conjunction with a four lettered word and that is: LOVE.

The writer feels that our moral standards are dropping.  Young minds should not be brainwashed by easy access to Internet porn.  We know it CAN be filtered because one of our team went to an hotel and the Internet connection there was as clean as a whistle - the way it should be until you are of a certain age 

However, we have not checked the Wi-Fi conections at Macdonalds and other outlets.  Can anyone tell us - we won't divulge name - honest!

Dangers of Internet Porn

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