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18 February 2013
Facebook names and faces come to light

Facebook and the political link

In a reply to a post (Readers' Letters) Cllr Andrew Jenkins revealed what is in the public domain: 'Facebook - Neath Voice' has a political connection.   These matters always come to light - one way or another.

As for us, we simply did a Googe search:   'FACEBOOK - NEATH VOICE' and this is what came up:-

Date of search: 18.2.13

We are making no comment except to ask readers to compare websites - just as we did with Fyi:Neath.
We would like to think that that the quality of posts on the Neath Ferret, and the issues discussed, highlight the quality of the readership.   Readers must judge for themselves.   We would, however, like to have your comments.

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