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15 February 2013
Wanted - engagements for mayor

Engagements wanted for our mayor

Mayor Cllr. Martyn Peters would like more engagements - especially in Neath.  This is something we know to be true.  Next week, commencing 18th February 2013, the Mayor has four days with no engagements.

It seems, at least to us, that the mayoral office just waits for occasions to crop up rather that create opportunities for him to act as ambassador for the town. 

We are not suggesting that there are political implications here because the mayor is the first Plaid Cymru member to become mayor of the borough - but that is surely what some people will think in view of the fact that it is a Labour controlled council.    We hardly think that that this is the case because it would reflect badly on the Labour party members.   Any snub in that direction could have some sort of backlash in the future.

Our research has revealed that the majority of Neath residents think that party politics should not enter into local affairs.   When asked why they vote they way they do most said it was because that is the way their fathers used to vote.   The decreasing turn-out figures at local elections seem to support our research.

It should be made clear that the role of any mayor is non-political and this is certainly the case with the one currently in office.  

We are aware that Cllr Mayor Martyn Peters has an excellent working relationship with the Labour party leader, Cllr Ali Thomas.    We are just wondering if this relationship is reflected elsewhere on the council - it would be nice if it did!
Working in harmony is the key to all civic matters and engagements - the public are quick to see the results.  The town will certainly be all the better for harmony within the council - and putting people before party politics.
NF reporter.

Visit Mayor's website and look at his engagements.


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