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12 February 2013

Cllr Peter Rees writes:
"There has been some comment about the Neath Consortium on the reader's letter page of the Ferret. May I take this opportunity to alert and recommend to readers the excellent FYI:Neath website. This will give readers information about what is going on in Neath in an entertaining way. This website is endorsed by the Neath Consortium. I hope that you enjoy the site and find the information helpful."

As we are Neath's most looked at website, according to Google, we have no hesitation in highlighting the commercially based Fyi:Neath website that clearly supports NPT CBC.   We do this with the knowledge that they will hardly mention us.   Below we even give a link to their website and wonder if they will do do likewise - bearing in mind that reciprocal links attract the attention of the Internet search engines.

Having more than one news based website in Neath allows readers to compare - so don't forget the Neath Guardian website that is updated weekly.

As far as the Neath Town Consortium is concerned, we must remind readers of the website made especially for them.   That, in our opinion, is going one mile further than the rest.    Sadly Cllr Rees has not mentioned this, probably an oversight on his part.

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