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08 February 2013
Research by reader

Reader follows up our story

King Arthur - and the Neath connection.

"I have been looking at the CELTIC NEATH website - a brilliant and well researched website. It seems that politics and pig ignorance has held up any advancement to forwarding your research.

I have a vested interest in your cause, and have taken on board many points you have come across during your research, as I was born and bred in Crynant.   March Hywel (pictured) was a regular area place for me to be, through helping farmers, shooting and many other outdoor pursuits. I understood the meaning of "March Hywel" but not to its origin, and now to the history of Cilfrew.

I am currently researching areas within the Dulais valley primarily for metal detecting, but do not be alarmed, not all metal detectors are vandals who randomly destroy precious historic and archaeological areas. I am in full support of your research and wish you all the best. I only wish I could prove some of your facts, which may have others listen more closely.
Well done once again."
..... Alun J


We hope to hear more from this writer and any possible findings... Ed

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