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24 January 2013
Wanted - a cartoonist

Neath Ferret is looking for a cartoonist!

We are looking for someone who can produce cartoons for this website - someone who can brighten up the website by looking at current situations and making readers laugh.  

We would be delighted to help someone to make a name for themselves - just by starting on this website.   We have no doubt that there are many in Neath with drawing skills at their finger tips who would love to express themselves to others.   This is their chance.    The door is open, it is up to anyone interested to walk through it.   Anyone interested should use the CONTACT US button on the menu.

One of our readers said we should look on the bright side of life - so let's have a go to do just that.    Remember, the ability to laugh at ourselves, as well as others around us is a great asset.   If we had more laughter in our lives we would all be much happier. 

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