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14 January 2013
Prophet thanks councillor

Prophet of doom and gloom thanks Cllr Peter Rees!

Now and again this NEWS page tries to sum up on what is happening on our READERS' LETTERS page.   Today it is a difficult task - but two points have emerged:
1) Some councillors do listen and take action on what is said on this website.
2) At least one of the alleged doom and gloom prophets is capable of thanking a councillor for the action he has taken.

It's early days, but a sign that working together can bring results.   Both want to see Neath a better place.  The important thing now is not to rest on laurels - the council must keep at it.

As least the NEATH i website can be seen to be helping the council and be acting in good faith for all concerned.   It's an innovative way of getting things done - but the positive side of it is that the council IS taking action.

Maybe the underpass at Aberdulais will be passed on to 'Keep Wales Tidy'?  Who does the work does not really matter - as long as the council delegates the task to someone who can get rid of the blackspot.    It is the positive administrative action that counts.  Action that gets results!

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