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12 January 2013
Mayor's Toy Bear Engagement

Don't you think our Mayor deserves better engagements?

We say this because it is the ONLY official engagement scheduled for our Mayor this coming week.

Many readers will agree that our Mayor deserves more worthwhile engagements in addition to the one mentioned above.

To make this the only engagement of the week is surely making a mockery of his office. We hasten to add, we don't blame the Mayor but those behind the scenes who arrange his appointments.    

The blank days in his week could have been spent making a tour of some of the business enterprises at Neath Abbey Industrial Park where new developments are taking place.  Highlighting these would have been a good public relations exercise for all concerned.

A visit to some of the schools in the area would help children to appreciate the structure of the council.

We are of course pleased for the proud parents of the first baby born in Neath Port Talbot in 2013 - but we rather suspect that many will be wondering about our maternity hospital facilities in our area and the babies yet to be born in the borough later this year.

We would like to have readers' views on this - because, in essence, the Mayor is their figure-head.

NOTE ... The Mayor's official engagements can be seen on his website:

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