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07 January 2013
Cllr Janice reports on weeds & drains

Cllr Janice Dudley responds to reader's open letter

In reply to the letter addressed to me on this website regarding Drains and Weeds, I will explain the two points separately.

Gullies and drains are cleaned twice a year, more often if required as it depends on areas that need a more frequent clean such as wooded areas where leaves fall and block the drains or near muddy areas such as excavation work taking place or near Farm tracks.
There is an in depth drainage Review taking place currently, it has to be amended constantly and this year we have had exceptional Rainfall where the drains have not been able to take the quantity of rainfall and yes you are right there is more rain forecast.?
As far as Court Herbert and THE C E M DAY area is concerned there have been ownership issues that are unresolved but as I write this letter the Council have arranged for huge excavation work to take place, where a specialist team of underwater divers are cleaning the pipes under the Road concerned and will continue to complete the task in hand until the problem is solved. 

Yes you are correct regarding the Weed problems, I have been the first to complain, and unfortunately the strength of Weed killer allowed to be used recently due to environmental laws is of low impact, the fact remains that the ground is warmer and more rainfall means that it is feeding the weeds.
April the weeding should begin but if there are any particular area that you know about that needs urgent attention please notify 01639 686868 or me if you live in my Ward on 01639 635908.or by E Mail on cllr.j.dudlwey@npt.gov.uk.
I will be walking my ward this week with the Supervisor of my Neighbourhood Management team there for if there are any public requests for Bryncoch South please notify me..

I hope this answers the point raised.
Cllr Janice Dudley

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