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02 January 2013
Retirement Homes

Town Retirement Homes

The subject of town retirement homes has come up on our readers' letters page and of course the Neath Empire site had to come into it.

If you look at the various websites on the Internet, you will find some beautiful retirement homes outside Neath - some lovely ones in Sketty.   But what if you don't want to leave Neath.  There are many who have been born, bred and brought up in the town they love and want to remain here in a retirement home.   This is why many think that more thought should have been given to the Empire development.

We searched the Internet and found that some firms care more than others - such as the one below:-

Apart from the McCarthy & Stone website, from which the above extract was taken, we must be fair and ask readers to make a comparision with the more well known GWALIA and COASTAL HOUSING websites.

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for.  What we have in mind is a complex with a central restaurant where meals are provided if you want them.  A place where there is a warden on hand - if need be.

NPT CBC must ensure that all the eggs are not in one basket and residents have a choice where they can live in safety and peaceful retirement.

No doubt many think along these lines and that is why the Neath Empire has been such an emotive issue.

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