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21 December 2012

21.12.12 ---- We are still here!

A new beginning?

Our weather says it all,  also storms and earthquakes elsewhere in the world indicate that change is taking place.   As mentioned in our editorial blog yesterday, the days are about to get longer and brighter.   The forecast pole shift may take years to come into effect.   The fact we are writing this now reminds us of the words spoken at the end of the film: 'Gone With The Wind'  ---- "After all, tomorrow is another day!"


Let's look at some local news -- a Cadoxton reader writes:

"Why have we got to suffer this flooding every time we have heavy rains which affect the main Cadoxton road, the above photos were taken Dec 20th. Having lived in the village around 40 years,  flooding was unheard of until the new development of "Drumfields" was  built.   It's bad enough for us motorists to negotiate, it must sheer murder for parents walking their young children to Catwg primary school with many pushing prams - surely it's about time this flooding was sorted out?"

Maybe the councillor for this area (pictured left) would like to comment?

In other parts of the town it has been noted that we are paying the price of no weed control.  Many drains have not been cleaned this year, resulting in localised flooding.  Weed roots and debris are certainly causing problems.

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