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23 November 2012
Fire threat to terraced homes

Timber Frame Terraced Homes Fire Hazzard?

Updated 25.11.12 - see editorial note

The terraced timber frame houses now being built on the site of the former Neath Empire building is a possible fire hazzard according reports on the Internet.

The terraced site, pictured above, shows the future homes being made with a timber frame/clad construction.  This is known for its good insulation properties but there is a big doubt on safety when used for terraced housing.

The houses have been approved by the NPT CBC Planning Department who have made several bad decisions over the past few years, including the eye sore at Waunceirch nick named 'White's Folly' after the chief planning officer who approved the development.

A report on the Internet, reproduced below, raises the concerned of timber frame terraced homes.   The risk of fire spread is of course greatly reduced when detached houses are built this way.

Internet report:

More about the eye sore site at Waunceirch can be seen on the NEATH EYE SORE website that exclusively features the development: www.neatheyesore.tk

Editorial Note.  A reader has quite rightly drawn our attention to our initial report which referred to timber clad homes as opposed to timber frame constructed homes.   Our report has now been corrected - an advantage we have over a conventional printed report.   We are most grateful to this reader who pointed out that the Internet report with this item does in fact refer to timber framed terraced houses.

We always endeavour to correct any errors that occur from time to time - when we are made aware of them.

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