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06 November 2012
Shock hospital report

Shock report by NPT Hospital Doctor

A Baglan Moors hospital doctor has told the Neath Ferret that Neath and Port Talbot residents are being short changed and getting a raw deal from their local hospital.    The doctor, who cannot be named for confidential reasons, now says he has to split his time between Morriston Hospital and the one at Baglan Moors.    The journey to Morrison can add up to 15 minutes more on his travelling time as he passes Baglan Moors on his route.

The doctor said that the Baglan Moors hospital was built for the people of Neath and Port Talbot who are no longer getting maximum benefit from it.   He was of the opinion that Peter Hain MP had the power to do something about it but felt that the MP should be pushed more by those he represents.

The doctor said the current situation was not good enough and was not being fair to doctors and patients.

Patients waiting to see the doctor were most unhappy with the current arrangements and felt that the Baglan Moors hospital, which replaced Neath General and the Port Talbot Hospital, was being down graded to the point of causing more pain and suffering to out-patients.

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