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05 November 2012
Someone has noted

Just for you to know!

Following readers comments on our letters page, we can't resist showing you a picture of what one manufacturer has done with regard to what is forecast for the year 2012.   It shows a bottle of shower gel - the words speak for themselves.

Some readers have expressed an opinion that storm 'Sandy' in the USA is just a sign of what is yet to come.

It must be said that the the average man in the street simply dismiss the thought that anything forecast for 21.12.12 can happen here.  Maybe it is best to think on the bright side?

On the other hand we must remember that in 1734  UK farm workers were mysteriously dying in the fields because of an ash cloud from an Iceland volcano.   So maybe we should look towards Iceland for what could happen next.  In 2010,  a small volcano blew off ash in Iceland - but remember there is a large one next to it that is very suspect.

Ed Note  This website aims to provoke thought.   Have we done just this?

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