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05 September 2012
New for Neath

Coming in October - New for Neath
New source for NEWS

We have been concerned for sometime about the fragmentation of news related  websites in Neath - this one included.   So what we have done is make a move to create a central hub - a website that has pages like a newspaper - and yet is not a newspaper in the real sense of the word.

The website will be interactive and there will be a facility for clubs or groups to upload their own news, should they wish to do it.   

We think we are moving fast into the digital age and a paperless society - a society that has digital screens in their home, or even in pockets with screen phones.

The new facility will meet modern needs and Neath is likely to be one of the first towns in the UK to experience this new aproach to digital news.

The new website will strongly support the Heritage Scene - Neath.   What is more, it will be non-political and a not for profit venture.    It will have Neath at heart - a town is what you make it, so we want your support to move forward in a way never done before.

We hope that Neath traders will support the venture, because the aim to support them and bring new life back into the town.   We have to say that it will be an ongoing development, which means that ideas and suggestions of others will be taken on board.

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