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04 September 2012
Weeds - the facts

Council has legal obligation to control weeds

Many councils take their weed control very seriously to the point where their procedure and plan of action is highlighted on their websites.   See for yourself - simply do a Google search: "Council weed control".

It is a council's legal obligation to control weeds - in fact there is the Noxious Weed Act that deals with certain varieties.

Below we have captured information from the Internet to give more more details about the subject.

One council (NOT NPT CBC) invites residents to report weeds - see below:

We have to say that many councils are proud of their areas and visitors can often see the difference between authorities as they cross borders.   It goes without saying that weeds are an eye-sore and that their roots do much damage to curbs, pathways and drains.

We must ask if our NPT CBC officials are proud of the way our area is looking?
Also we must ask residents if they are happy in the way the council is caring for their area?

The following appears on the NPT CBC's website.  It is certainly a commitment - but is it being done?

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