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31 August 2012
Empire concern

Concern about hidden cost of Empire Demolition

A spokesman for Aberdare Demolition said that an estimated 4.500 tonnes of rubble had left the Empire site in the Rope Walk to be crushed and recycled up to the time of this report.

It has been transported in 20 tonne lorries, which have imposed a strain on the adjacent roads and houses not built to withstand this type of traffic - like Allister Street, left.   Some houseowners fear that the foundations of their homes may have suffered as the results of the continual heavy loads from the demolition site.

Any remedial work on houses must be considered as a hidden cost to the demolition and is something that may have to be clarified with the freeholders of Empire site.   In the meantime home owners in the area are advised to have a word with their councillors (right) to establish their concern.   This should be done now as defects in their home, resulting from this matter, could show up later.

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