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26 August 2012
Parking a pain

Car Parking in Neath

Car parking in Neath is a pain - as it is in many other towns.   The answer, maybe, is out of town parking - or out of town shopping.    Perhaps the choice depends on the location of the town - or the choice of shops.

One reader suggest making Neath different to all other towns and have free parking - we believe it already applies on Sundays.    But can traders help?   A reader thinks they can as with the Boots car park in Neath - shown right as an aerial view.

 After keeping reserved spaces for staff, it can be done - and would increase trade in their store.    How do we know - simply because it has been done elsewhere.    Being a private car park - it is obviously down to the store that owns it, but such a action would help the town.   

At the moment car parking space is not used wisely.   On Saturday's and holidays, school yards could also be used.  A donation box for the school's good cause would do well.   Many things could be done to attract visitors to Neath - by simply making Neath different to all other towns - as the reader says.

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