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29 July 2012

Weeds - certain areas HAVE been treated

Our team of reporters compare notes

One of our uncover reporters has informed us that certain areas of Neath have been treated with weed killer - although we have no proof of this.   The reporter says its areas where councillors have some stick and shout the loudest.   The reporter says that areas covered by the leader of the council and the Mayor of the Borough have had attention.   Another reporter says that there is a labour (not political Labour!) problem on the council - this is despite the number of people unemployed in Neath.

Alleged cutbacks in the council's workforce is not helping matters.  One councillor said it was like knocking ones head against a brickwall when trying to get things done.   Reports from the Carmarthen area indicate no similar problems there with the town and surrounding areas looking very tidy.    Another councillor confirms that Neath has a weed backlog and says that visitors can see the difference as they cross the border into the NPT CBC area.

A spokesman for the council stated that financial resources were being concentrated in other areas including care for the elderly.   Yet another informant tells us that the bus service to Rhiwlas and Fernlea areas is being looked at in view of elderly people having to walk up the steep hill to get to their homes.   The former bus service provided by D J Thomas is sorely missed with Dave, the driver, being looked upon as a saint.   It was a real community bus service, always on time and used a lot because you could depend on it.   This bus service also used to serve Brookfield where many residents are now hoping that boundaries will be changed so that they come under the neighbouring Dyffryn Clydach Community Council. 

The promised Royal Mail post box for the above areas has still not materialised - the Waunceirch Tesco store being the most obvious place to site it.   Currently residents have to walk back up a steep hill after posting a letter.   No new posting box has been installed in the area since 1994 when the houses were built.

Behind the scenes there is much concern about recently elected councillors not performing as they should and it is likely that they will spoken to by senior councillors.   There is feeling among residents that there should be a means to replace inactive councillors - something along the lines talked about for MP's at Westminster.

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